Delhi Capitals 2020 IPL Jersey Half Sleeves


Abou product

  • Dri Fit Polyster Fabric that kept body in normal temprature in Heat.
  • Stylish Design and look same as player are wearing
  • Bright Florocent Color and Unremovable Printing
  • Long Lasting and Best Quality

  • Product description


  • About best selling ipl jersey 2020

  •  The half sleeves are jersey and trouser fit polyester fabric.
  •  Therefore, it helps in keeping the temperature of body heat and wool normal.
  •  Made with a complete stylish design & who looks very stylish wearing this shirt.
  •  The best quality fabric is used which can last for many days.
  •  This is the most beautiful and cheapest property.
  •  Quickly show your love for your favorite team and sport by wearing this digital printed t-shirt to make your look more beautiful.
  •  The color and printing texture of this garment will make it look more beautiful as it is more well made. This dress ensures comfort and comfort throughout the day as it is a fabric.
  •  And balances your body temperature. Printed with your favorite artwork
  •  Proudly printed and designed and manufactured in India.
  •  Please use the chart to avoid this fitting problem.
  •  This shirt is made from 100% Bio Wash Cotton. You can use any season. The quality of the fabric is very high. It will always be useful to you. It is the cheapest and has the most beautiful properties. You can get the jersey of your favorite team instantly.  You can make your look very beautiful by wearing this designed and designed t-shirt.
  •  The color and texture of this garment will help you to look more beautiful. And you can wash the washing machine liquor and wash it by hand but it will be washed immediately and easily. It doesn't matter if you take the fitting change after looking at the chart.
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